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From Sysadmin to Infrastructure Developer

Having spent the most amazing 6 years of my life in this industry its time to write about the journey till date.It has definitely been the most exciting roller coaster ride one can ever have.From being an Intern and Junior Sysadmin to a Global Network Admin for an organization spread across 20+ locations worldwide, to being a Senior Consultant in Infrastructure Development for potential customers.These are some of the exciting and interesting stories of this journey which started back in March 2009 , journey of a girl in IT world …..

Testing Infra Code - Test-Kitchen, Docker, Chef

In one of my recent project we had figured out how important it is to test your infrastructure code.So here in this blog I am going to discuss in detail about the good practices and technologies that we used to do TDD for infra code.

In this blog I will be using three techs - “Test-kitchen, Docker and Chef” to do the demo. This post will cover my talk in #Rootconf - 2014

The workflow and practices can be followed with other equivalent tools as well.

Environment on Demand

We all know how important it is to have automated environment in your project. In our regular work we speak about automated build and deployment in enterprises, very less is spoken about or given important to the initial setup which is - Provisioning the virtual environments

Automated provisioning of environment on demand is equally important as is automated build and deployment.

Getting Started With SELinux

We all have our own fears and concern about how SELinux works.So most of us tend to disable SELinux before we start up using a linux machine.But I think this is not the ideal solution especially with the present day situations where in we can not just leave our webservers open on to internet without any security policies applied to it.

How to Create You Own Vagrant Base Boxes

This blog post about creating your own vagrant base boxes from an existing Virtual Box VM .Though the official vagrant site already speaks about creating linux base boxes, here are some basic steps and reqirement that will help you creating both windows and linux (ubuntu,centos) base boxes. This blogpost will include the steps that I used to create a ubuntu and a windows 7 base box in one of my personal projects.

Devbox Setup With Vagrant

This blog is all about how can you do a quick devbox setup using vagrant and virtual box.At the end of this blog you will be able to automate your devbox setup that might take hours to minutes.